Post Date: April 16, 2021

Coding for Beverages and More

Markoprint® inkjet printers have taken the beverage industry by storm as manufacturers embrace its many advantages.  Take a look at how our thermal inkjet (TIJ) coders are meeting the industry’s requirements and more.

The beverage industry uses a variety of containers ranging from glass, to aluminum, to plastic, to paper and more.  Some are rigid, but more and more are going to flexible materials.  Markoprint can code on virtually any type of packaging found in beverage manufacturing.

Markoprint coders are integrated within industrial production lines to identify primary and secondary packaging. Best by dates, ingredients, data matrix codes and logos can be printed on different surfaces, at diverse heights and at a different resolution according to the choice of marking technologies.

Maintenance free

In order to ensure a safer and cleaner production line, the Markoprint cartridges work with a printhead technology where both are exchanged simultaneously. This means that with each new cartridge, there is a new printhead. As a result, Markoprint ink cartridges are maintenance-free and guarantee a consistent typeface quality.

Print Resolution

The ability to print crisp, legible codes is vital to the manufacturer.  They have concerns including tracking and traceability, which Markoprint helps with.  Conversely, a high-quality resolution is essential so that the consumer can be informed about the product contains.

  • Markoprint prints barcodes up to 180 m/min at 300 dpi.
  • At 45 m/minute, Markoprint ink cartridges reach up to 600 dpi resolution through piezo inkjet printing technology, resulting in brilliant print images

Printing height / Distance to the product

Printing height is usually an issue on production lines, since labeling and coding systems need to reach the exact position of the product to be able to mark it.  Markoprint printheads are able to print at a height of max 12.55 to 100 mm, with a distance of printhead to product surface ranging from 0.5 to 5mm on porous and non-porous surfaces depending on the ink type.  The ink cartridges can manage diverse printheads simultaneously and print on different sides of packaging (e.g. top, side) or on different production lines.

Cost-effective solutions

Markoprint is a great choice when it comes to cost-effectiveness. Being maintenance-free and thanks to the fact that each cartridge is a new printhead, these technologies ensure low operating costs, immediate response and uninterrupted operation.  Capital costs are typically very competitive too.

Printing layout and parameters

Markoprint cartridges store meaningful data for printing such as ink type, manufacturer and ink content. As a result, it can be automatically set to recognize the correct ink, detecting ink filling levels and notifying its replacement to avoid time losses.

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