Post Date: July 2, 2015

Case Printing Made Easy

Some would say printing on porous, corrugate boxes is easy.  While there’s a bit of truth to the statement, some print technologies like Thermal Inkjet are more successful on corrugate than others.

1) What information are you printing on the shipping case?  COMMENTARY:  Alphanumeric text is straightforward.  If you’re printing barcodes, however, Thermal Inkjet coders from AT Info are the way to go.  The requisite print quality in order to create readable barcodes is what you get from Thermal Inkjet, not Continuous Inkjet.

2) Do you need to print in a color other than black?  COMMENTARY:  Clearly, black ink is the primary color used for printing on corrugated boxes.  If you’re looking to add a splash of color – for example to call-out the product name – Thermal Inkjet can offer nearly any color including red, blue, green, and many others.

3) Is it cost effective to use Thermal Inkjet to do case coding?   COMMENTARY:  It’s always a wise idea to determine the Total Cost of Ownership of your current and proposed printing methods.  Thermal Inkjet is extremely cost effective compared to other technologies.  The capital acquisition costs are reasonable, the labor requirements are minimal, and the ongoing maintenance and spare parts costs are nearly zero.  As for the cost of ink, Thermal Inkjet ink products are available in Bulk-size containers which dramatically reduce the total ink costs.

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