Post Date: April 19, 2023

Bar Codes for a Variety of Substrates

You don’t just print a barcode at random. It is always considered before printing a number, date or text on a product or packaging. So there are lots of different codes and materials you can print on. In this blog, we go through them with you.

What kind of barcode can be printed?

  • batch code, barcode, data matrix
  • expiry date
  • symbols such as warning symbols and logo
  • serialization data

On which surfaces can you directly print a barcode?

Actually, you can print on anything. The product, environment and ink are the factors on which it depends whether it is possible. Below, we give an insight into the different surfaces and the possibilities. If you cannot find the answer or would like to know more, please contact us at


PlasticVarious ink colors are available for plastic, so that the print remains visible even on dark bottles, vinyl or PVC tubes or mats. Thermal inkjet printers are made with a technology, where the print head and ink system are inside the cartridge. This makes it easy to switch for different colours.

Tin and Metal

Tin & MetalTracking food is incredibly important. Fast-drying ink is used to code or mark metal or tin cans. By printing quickly and without contact, the ink dries instantly, making products easy to trace.

PET Bottles and Caps

PET Bottles & CapsA PET bottle containing liquid needs a print, such as a date, a coding or a marking. Various Thermal Inkjet printers can do that at various points in a production line. The compactness of the printers makes them easy to integrate.


FoilPlastic film or primary packaging is usually marked with a little bit of information, such as a lot number, best-before date or a short description. This can be done with a single print head on a production line or several print heads simultaneously printing the same information on different lanes or lines.


WoodCode the wood with a logo or identification so that everyone knows where it comes from and what the quality is. You can do this with Thermal Inkjet printers that code accurately, making images highly visible.

Paper and Corrugate

corrugatePaper and cardboard are absorbent materials. With the right combination of printing technology, ink and drying time, it is possible to mark boxes. This makes it possible to replace labels with printing. It is also possible to print a logo and in multiple colors.

Coding in the right hands

The combination of printer and ink is unique for each application. It depends on the product, the circumstance and lifetime of the identification. AT Information Products gives people the right solutions and knowledge to identify, brand and move products worry-free through the chain. So products with the right info, at the right time, get into the desired hands.

Fortunately, we have 40 years of experience in industrial labelling & coding. For us, no challenge is too crazy! Do you want to optimize your process, a new barcode printer or just ink? Call (201) 529-0202 with questions.