Post Date: December 26, 2019

Automotive manufacturers make their mark

automotive manufacturers

Markoprint® industrial coders are commonly used by the Automotive industry for the coding of products and packaging. Brake pads, suspension components, steering accessories and more require customized coding at the time of final packaging.  

Each automotive package must be printed with the appropriate brand imaging and the product name plus extensive variable data: UPC bar codes, part numbers, date codes, country of origin and product descriptions in three languages for compliance with national trade agreements.

The underlying print technology deployed by Markoprint® is HP THERMAL INKJET.  HP technology offers several advantages compared to legacy print systems.  With Markoprint® codes are durable, clear and accurate when printed on a variety of substrates.  The high-resolution print technology can be flexed between 100 dpi to 600 dpi depending on requirements.  

In addition, Markoprint® units are Windows 10 compatible so manufacturers can take advantage of the latest capabilities.  Most legacy systems are not Win10 compliant and require a new investment of expensive hardware.  But with Markoprint® you have the latest technology with supported products.  

Another unique and compelling feature of Markoprint® technology is its Smart Card chips.  These enhancements authenticate the print cartridge and therefore helps with issues related to counterfeiting.  The Smart Cards also track remaining ink levels, and they update the printer software with proper firing parameters to facilitate ink changeovers.

Last but not least, Markoprint® leverages cutting-edge ink technology.  There’s a wide portfolio of light-solvent inks that dry quickly on non porous surfaces.  This means there’s no need for costly Drying systems to cure the inks and ensure smudge resistance.  

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