Post Date: February 1, 2023

Adding Codes to Liquor Labels

AT Information Products offers a unique print system featuring HP Thermal Inkjet technology that enables craft distillers to boost output and profit.  Customers quickly see how this print system can completely transform their production process, saving them time and money and bolstering their bottom line.

Adding Codes to Liquor Labels


Adding essential variable data – such as dates, barcodes, barrel numbers and ABV – to pre-printed labels has been a slow and labor-intensive process.  The boom in the US craft spirits industry has transformed overprinting from a necessity into an opportunity, with consumers content to pay more for craft spirits for its perceived exclusivity. Overprinting can add marketing and brand value, highlighting the desirability of each bottle, such as a limited, special edition. The HP Thermal Inkjet enables the addition of graphic imagery, signatures, logos and QR codes that create demand and boost profits.


AT Information Products’ Reel-to-Reel Label Printer system is durable, low maintenance, and easy-to-use, featuring multiple compact HP TIJ print heads and solvent ink cartridges. It can handle multi-location printing on a diverse range of label sizes and substrates. Personalized signatures can even be applied using True Type fonts, to make it look like the labels were handwritten.  Production is fast and efficient, maintenance and staff costs are cut, and a typical return on investment is just three months. By adding brand value, profits are boosted.


The Reel-to-Reel Label Printer from AT Information Products increases production speeds by as much as 2000%. It reduces the need for manual intervention, optimizes print quality on diverse label substrates, and minimizes maintenance costs, with a typical return on investment of just three months. Additional data, graphics, logos, and signatures convey exclusivity and value, boosting bottle prices and increasing profits

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