Post Date: January 14, 2021

A Helpful Tool for Pre-Printed Labels

See Why Customers Use the AUTOPRINT® Reel-to-Reel Machine to Help Manage Pre-Printed Labels

If your company buys pre-printed labels for packaging, here's an affordable machine that can add much value to your organization.  Introducing the AUTOPRINT® Reel-to-Reel Label Printer from AT Information Products.  Our machine delivers versatility in labeling and label handling tasks.

The AUTOPRINT® Reel-to-Reel Label Printer is well built and offers an efficient way to wind-in or wind-out labels on a roll. New bi-directional rewind capability makes this tabletop label rewinder even more versatile.

Some of the benefits of the system include:

  • Add variable codes (ie, lot/batch, expiry date) onto pre-printed rolls
  • Fast method to change the rewind direction of labels rolls
  • Change the core size of label rolls
  • Visually inspect labels for print quality and accuracy

The embedded coding system is the X1Jet MK3. It's all you need for just-in-time coding of labels so you can simultaneously print, count and rewind label stock.  Typical codes imprinted include expiry dates, lot/batch numbers, sequential data, high-res barcodes and logos.  X1Jet prints up to 600 dpi, or the resolution can be decreased to maximize speed.

The AUTOPRINT® Reel-to-Reel Label Printer ships with iDesign message-making software so you can create, rotate and scale text and graphics on your desktop computer.  Save and print artwork using a USB Flash Drive, WiFi, or via direct LAN connection. The printhead can be positioned to code virtually anywhere on the label.

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