Post Date: February 1, 2022

Markoprint launches 7-inch HMI Display

AT INFO now offers Integra Vivid, a 7-inch HMI color display for use on a packaging line.  The display integrates with Markoprint single head coders and allows an operator to edit the printer’s current settings, check printer status, and select the desired message for coding.  Integra Vivid’s capacitive touch screen puts more information at the fingertips of the operator so the right message is printed every time.

Integra VIVID

Integra Vivid delivers a 800 x 600 pixel display that’s easy on the eyes.  The HMI can be removed during operation and moved to a different Markoprint device using a feature known as ‘hot plugging’.  Compatible print technologies for Integra Vivid include HP, Funai, Trident and Seiko.  It’s truly a flexible and useful display for most any package coding operation.

Integra Vivid comes equipped with a metal stand to assist with its installation on the packaging line.  For offline uses, the new HMI display can be mounted along with a high-speed feeder, continuous band sealer, or label applicator, to name a few.

Contact AT INFO to discover more details about Integra Vivid, by calling (201) 529-0202 x125 or sending a message to [email protected].