Post Date: October 4, 2021

Markoprint and MOBA Code Egg Cartons

All eggs sold via the retail market have to be marked with certain information. Markoprint and MOBA – the world's leading manufacturer of egg sorting, packaging and processing machines - have the ideal solution for implementing this labeling requirement for eggs.

Statistically, every American citizen consumes more than five eggs a week. In the U.S. alone, this adds up to a demand for almost 100 billion eggs per year, of which the majority come from local regions.

Egg marking and packaging

According to US marking standards, egg cartons need to be printed or labeled with details such as manufacturer name, packing center name, contents and best-before date.

The implementation of these guidelines requires labeling systems that code quickly and precisely. Furthermore, factors such as reliability, overall equipment effectiveness and low cost are critically important. Markoprint and MOBA therefore offer a system that completely automates the labeling, sorting, packaging and processing of eggs.

MOBA systems control X1JET HP

Markoprint X1JET by AT Information Products easily integrates in egg packaging equipment, and is ideal for egg marking. Their own firmware ensures that the system can take over information such as print data, print speed and print start from the MOBA interface on the software side. Important for the collaboration between MOBA and Markoprint is the fact that the X1JET is able to process package-accurate data, switch the layout individually and automatically adjust the speed. In addition, all print settings can be adjusted via the iDesign software.

The X1Jet print system is a compact combination of writing head and control unit, which can be integrated into a wide variety of systems. In addition, the X1JET is compatible with numerous software protocols. With up to 600 dpi, the printer realizes a high-resolution print image at a maximum speed of up to 180 meters per minute. The maximum printing height is 12.5 millimeters per printhead.. SmartCard technology automatically adjusts the print settings to the ink used and monitors the ink level. In addition to a Wi-Fi feature that allows mobile and wireless access to the system, the X1JET has USB, Ethernet and EIA232 interfaces.

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Egg carton coding

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