Post Date: January 19, 2016

Press Release: AT Info introduces Industrial Coding at IPP Expo

Mahwah, NJ:  AT Information Products is unveiling its latest line of industrial coding inks and printers at the 2016 International Production and Processing Expo in Atlanta, Georgia on January 26.

AT info is no stranger to the egg industry.  Egg farms of all sizes are seeking out the AT Info solution ever since the introduction of non-porous inks for its HP thermal inkjet systems.  High resolution digital printing on egg cartons ensures:

  • Retailers can manage inventory
  • Consumers can check the freshness
  • Regulatory requirements are met for identifying & tracking products

AT Info offers coding solutions designed to perform across a wide range of packaging styles and materials.  Consider the power of having one ink for pulp, plastic, foam, pails, jugs and cans.   This gives the farms and egg packers the ability to adapt to current and future line changes.   See details.

There are distinct advantages of AT Info’s thermal inkjet solutions when compared to antiquated legacy systems like contact stampers.  Consider the following:

  • Print Quality – high quality, consistent codes on all surfaces
  • Ease of Use – snap in and out cartridges
  • Uptime – low maintenance coders that need occasional wiping
  • Throw Distance – allows non-contact printing
  • Compact – small footprint allows tight integrations
  • Cost – low capital cost and total cost of ownership

In addition, AT Info offers a compelling solution for the seed industry.  There’s an endless number of feed & seed bag sizes and materials on the market, but just one digital printer can handle the workload.  AT Info coders are used in conjunction with bag sealers to print text, barcodes and graphics on bag lips.   The solution stands-up to dusty, challenging environments without sacrificing the uptime reliability required to keep the lines moving.

Finally, AT Info is showcasing its AUTOPRINT® line of industrial inks at IPP Expo.  There’s no need for customers to settle for anything less than clean, self-contained cartridges.  AUTOPRINT® inks are available in water-based formulations for porous printing applications, as well as solvent-based formulations for non-porous surfaces.  The latest non-porous inks are ideal for coated foils, flexible films, glossy boxes, hard plastics, polystyrene foam, and more.  Consider AUTOPRINT® White Solvent for dark packaging materials.

About AT Information Products

AT Info sells a broad line of AUTOPRINT® thermal inkjet printers and HP inks to identify and code products, unit packages and outer shipping cartons with alpha-numeric text, barcodes and graphics.  Single pen models are ideal for printing use-by-dates and traceability codes on unit packages like chipboard boxes, metal cans, glass bottles and plastic containers, flexible film and pouches.  Two, four and eight head models are cost effective solutions for printing content descriptions, barcodes and graphics on outer shipping cartons.  All AUTOPRINT® industrial Inkjet printers feature high definition print up to 600 dpi, easy to use WYSIWYG software and reliable ink delivery systems.

AT Info is headquartered in Mahwah NJ.  There are additional sales offices in Columbus OH, Louisville KY and San Diego CA.  Certified distributors are located throughout the USA and Canada.  Together, they look forward to assisting and training you to install, use and maintain the lineup of AUTOPRINT® inks and printers.

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