Post Date: April 15, 2015

GO GREEN Coding Food Wrappers with TIJ

coding food wrappers tij

Forward-thinking manufacturers look for clean, environmentally friendly packaging solutions for their lines.  There are tangible cost savings for those companies who follow-through with clean & green solutions.  Manufacturers who currently have Continuous Inkjet as part of their packaging operation typically have LARGE budgets for maintenance, spare parts and clean up.

AT Info’s industrial line of Thermal Inkjet coders are based on Hewlett Packard 45a and 45si technology.  Thermal Inkjet (TIJ) is widely considered one of the cleanest print technologies on the market because print cartridges are self-contained and many of the ink formulations are water-based.  No special equipment is required for venting or clean-up when TIJ is part of the line.

Food wrappers are normally produced using glossy paper, foil or plastic.  Solvent based inks are needed to print on these non-porous materials.  At least 3 ink products are available today that can print on non-porous substrates.  These inks include HP 2580 Black Solvent, plus a comparable product from General Ink and Collins.

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