Post Date: January 4, 2023

Variable Codes on Labelers

AT Information Products offers a turnkey coding solution for easy integration on a wide range of labeling equipment.  This system, known as Markoprint®, allows a date, lot/batch, graphic or barcode to be marked onto a label prior to the label being applied to a product.

Markoprint®  industrial inkjet printers and inks are intended to identify and code products, unit packages, and outer shipping cartons.  The technologies we offer are quickly replacing outdated legacy print methods – like date stamps and Continuous Inkjet – that no longer meet the needs of manufacturers in a world transitioning to environmental sustainability.

The Markoprint® coder is mounted in-line with the label applicator. Operation is controlled with 3 simple buttons, or add an integrated touch screen interface with a remote controller.  Markoprint® has been specifically designed for small character coding applications in packaged goods and industrial products where it offers users an affordable alternative to other systems. Our products are reliable and easy to use and because it uses ink as the only consumable, and it has a very low cost of ownership. It is clean; it leaves no mess and there are no solvent emissions.

Contact us at (201) 529-0202 or via email to [email protected] to get more information about Markoprint® for coding and label applicator projects.