Post Date: June 8, 2021

Two Game-Changing Features in One System

Markoprint DualJetEvery manufacturer values versatility on their production and packaging lines.  That is precisely why AT Information Products is excited to introduce a Markoprint coding solution that delivers non-stop printing and two-color codes in one solution.

Markoprint’s DualJet is a compact system that pairs with a controller to print on products and packaging.  Units are available in either the HP or Funai print technology, depending on the customer’s desired application.  A full range of aqueous and solvent inks are also available with DualJet.

(1) Non-Stop Printing

Downtime is all but eliminated, as the Non-Stop Printing feature enables Markoprint inkjet coders to deliver continuous printing and higher production yields.

A few of the benefits of Non-Stop Printing include:

  • Cartridge replacement or cleaning without interrupting the production line.
  • Ink does not dry out since both cartridges print alternately at the same position.
  • The printing ratio is 2:1 – at least 50% of ink still remaining in one cartridge if the other is empty.
  • Maximum print height 12.5 mm with the DualJet, or 25 mm with the DualJet Twin.
  • Cartridge stops automatically if a connected camera detects misprints. Error-free printing with the second cartridge until replaced.

(2) Two-Color Printing

Markoprint DualJet 2 colorAnother compelling capability of the Markoprint DualJet system is the ability to create two-color messages.  Since the printheads cover the same 1/2-inch print area, manufacturers can use two different ink colors to create a blended message in just one pass.  This enables the coding of logos & graphics, warning symbols, and other text where the manufacturer seeks to highlight a specific print area in a different color.

Contact AT Information Products to discover more about the Markoprint DualJet, and to determine if this versatile solution can benefit your organization.  Call (201) 529-0202 or reply to [email protected]