Post Date: October 8, 2020

Two Color Direct-on-Box Printing

AT Information Products has launched a unique solution that enables companies to mark their products and packaging with two ink colors simultaneously from one printhead. The Markoprint Integra PP108 Bicolor features a 4.25- inch tall print area and leverages SEIKO piezo print technology.

High-resolution graphics printing

Integra PP108 Bicolor prints black/red up to 108 mm high on absorbent packaging such as cardboard, paper bags and lumber. The solution is ideal for graphics including hazard symbols and logos, but also alphanumeric text. Two additional ink colors are currently in development.

Integra PP108 Bicolor features a recirculating ink system and vibration-resistant technology. Air is prevented from getting into the nozzles, so ink does not dry out. This makes Integra PP108 Bicolor virtually maintenance-free under normal environmental conditions. Speeds up to 150 m/min at 360 dpi resolution are possible.

Easy to install and control

In contrast to other piezo inkjet systems, the Integra PP108 Bicolor ink tank and printhead can be installed at any level. This is enabled by the pump control and the automatic adjustment of the internal circulation pressure. The standard hose length is 1.50 m, but other lengths are available as an option, so that the system can be easily integrated. The print data can be transferred via Ethernet, EIA232 or USB stick.

Industrial solution for challenging environments

With a stainless-steel housing and protection class IP 40, Integra PP108 Bicolor is optimally equipped
for use in dusty environments such as building materials, case coding, and the chemical industry.
The vibration-resistant technology allows the printer to quickly recover from incidental bumps so print quality remains at the highest level.

Comparing inkjet vs labels

The new Markoprint Integra PP108 Bicolor inkjet printer opens new possibilities in the world of marking and coding. Direct-on-box inkjet printing is typically 50% less expensive than print & apply labels. Ink can be refilled during operation, and the prints can be modified on the fly. In addition, inkjet printers are more space-saving than labeling systems and produce much less waste than labeling.

Please send me samples of Integra PP108 printing on porous surfaces like cardboard and wood.




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