Post Date: May 28, 2019

Smart Marks for Building Materials

Smart Marks for Building Materials

Building materials represent a vast yet challenging segment of packaging. Manufacturers must identify – or code – a wide range of products including lumber, industrial bags, plasterboard and more. Run times are constant, and production environments can be dusty, dirty and extreme in temperatures.

AT Info’s Markoprint® line of industrial printers are up to the various challenges inherent in coding of building products. Markoprint® offers a clean, cost-effective alternative for printing high-definition alphanumeric and barcode identifiers on building materials.  Coding of porous and non-porous surfaces are possible using the latest HP 45si cartridge technology. A single ½-inch printhead can print one or several lines of code, or for larger print areas up to 4.25-inches tall AT Info offers a Seiko solution.

  • Lumber & Plasterboard – Simple marking of lot / batch , dates and bar codes on a variety of wood products.
  • Wire & Cable – Print clean, consistent codes on wire & cable extrusion of different sizes and materials.
  • Bags – Reliable and durable codes on bags used for cement, seeds, fertilizer and more.
  • PVC – Utilize of range of solvent inks to mark PVC in black, red, blue, yellow, white or light blue.

Trust your coding of building products to AT Info and you’ll see why Markoprint® is widely considered the best value industrial inkjet coder that money can buy.