Post Date: August 26, 2019

Integra PP108 for Lumber Printing

The Integra PP108 from AT INFO is well suited for printing on lumber, plasterboard, and other building materials.  Its Seiko printhead and circulating ink system is used for large print areas up to 108mm, or 4.25-inches in height.  This makes Integra PP108 efficient at printing variable data on the fly, including panel grades, moisture levels, traceability data, and inspector ID information.

Lumber manufacturers, in particular, are enamored with Integra PP108 for several compelling reasons:

  1. Installation Height – Integra PP108 prints horizontally or vertically down with no change to the ink system placement.  This makes the installation of the ink system ultra-flexible and very straightforward.
  2. Start-Up Time – Integra PP108 starts up in approximately 30 seconds.  The system doesn't require priming, heating, or purging.  Imagine coming onto the production floor at the start of the day and the system is ready to code right away.
  3. Speed of Production – Integra PP108 is cheetah fast.  It runs 492 FPM at 360×360 DPI, or double the speed to 984 FPM at 180×360 DPI.
  4. Print Resolution – Integra PP108 boasts of a high print resolution that is controlled in the software, which thereby yields better ink cost control.
  5. Vibration – Integra PP108 has a recirculating ink system, and is virtually vibration-resistant.  This means Integra PP108 can self recover and is not prone to deprime.
  6. Maintenance – The combination of the recirculating ink system and the SEIKO print engine makes Integra PP108 a durable solution for lumber manufacturers.  In most cases, a simple wipe will recover the printhead.

See Integra PP108 in action or call AT INFO at (201) 529-0202 to arrange a demonstration