Post Date: September 14, 2017

The best value industrial inkjet coder that money can buy

Markoprint is a highly versatile industrial printer that leverages the full capabilities of industrial inkjet technology for product identification and package coding. Thousands of German-manufactured Markoprint coders have been sold across the world over the past decade. U.S. distribution of Markoprint is skillfully managed by AT Information Products (ATIP) of Mahwah, New Jersey and their network of professional agents.

Who is AT Information Products? ATIP has 40 years’ experience in the packaging industry offering a variety of industrial inkjet coding products. They are a manufacturer and master distributor of industrial inkjet coders and industrial inkjet inks. In the early years, the name was American Technologies and the prevalent print technology was continuous inkjet (Cl J). Eventually CIJ was sold off to another large company and the name was changed to AT Information Products. ATIP discovered drop on demand industrial inkjet and the rest is history.

Why Markoprint? Markoprint technology is powerful for customers who deploy it. Consider a few of the many reasons why manufacturers are replacing their legacy print technologies in favor of ATIP’s Markoprint systems.

  • Lowtotal-cost-of-ownership (TCO) compared to CIJ and TTO
  • Hi-resolution variable printing to help with barcode compliance
  • Durable codes on a variety of porous and non-porous surfaces
  • Industrial strength construction with Click‘n Print technology
  • Powerful yet simple message making software
  • Clean, self-contained ink cartridges that also come in bulk sizes


case codingCASE CODING – There are several Markoprint options for case coding that can help manufacturers meet the stringent requirements of retailers like Walmart and Target. Consider the XlJet MX with a 4” printhead to print 14-digit GTIN barcodes, or the XlJet HP when 1/2″ codes are desired. The smaller units can also be stitched to cover larger print areas.

high speed feedingHIGH SPEED FEEDING – Markoprint is an industry leader when it comes to printing serialized codes onto products and packages. XlJet and iJet Markoprint coders are up to the task. Common applications include printing serial numbers on cards, boxes, or other packaging to allow for compliance tracking. Serialization is a global requirement for pharmaceutical companies in 2018.

form feel sealFORM FILL SEAL – Integration of the Markoprint XlJet Premium onto Form Fill Seal machines is a growing practice. The coder’s small size and versatility allow for easy mounting. Adding variable text ora Datamatrix barcode to a web of packaging material can be implemented in a matter of minutes. Using the newest HP solvent inks most any substrate can be printed on.

egg cartonsEGG CARTONS- Markoprint has become a best practice in egg carton coding for many of the large egg packaging companies in the U.S. The XlJet Stitch is a popular choice due to its narrow footprint, and its on-board controller positioned just behind the printhead. Best-by expiration dates and alphanumeric text can be printed on plastic, pulp and polystyrene egg cartons with ease.

plastic web rollPLASTIC WEB ROLL – When industry leading food companies replace their legacy coders with Markoprint, you know you have a compelling solution. TheX2Jet controller and 2 single printheads are sufficient for printing 4-up on plastic salad dressing pouches at Tessemaes’. The printheads have 2 rows of nozzles, thus allowing X2Jet to print lot codes twice as efficiently as other systems.

bulk systemsBULK SYSTEMS – Reduce operating costs with ATIP’s Ink Management System. Shown with two 350ml bulk tanks, the unit automatically switches from one supply to the other when the ink runs out. This ‘hot swap’ functionality allows for continuous operations so downtime is minimized or avoided all together. Markoprint+ Bulk Ink- Low Total Cost of Ownership.


All Markoprint systems ship with iDesign message making software. iDesign is one of the most intuitive software packages on the market. Just drag and drop, and create your message using the alphanumeric keypad. The software also allows for the creation of linear and Datamatrix barcodes, plus you can import picture files as bitmaps.

easy message creationOnce the message is created, iDesign quickly calculates the number of ink drops necessary to create 1 message, and extrapolates that amount over the total volume of ink in the cartridge. Relevant variables include the text height, print resolution (dpi), and type of font. Consider a Julian date code, size 4mm and printed at 300 dpi. This code can be printed approximately 421,000 times using 1 disposable HP inkcartridge.

When you consider the total value proposition offered by ATIP’s Markoprint line of industrial inkjet coders and inks, along with the many applications for the technology, the case for Markoprint has never been stronger. It is truly the BEST VALUE INDUSTRIAL INKJET CODER available today. Contact AT Information Products for more information, or to find a distributor in your area.