Post Date: July 6, 2016

Save Money on Packaging with Industrial HP Inkjet

When it comes to designing primary and secondary packaging, overlooking some aspects of your product and supply chain can quickly result in increased costs. To avoid wasting money unnecessarily, consider the following mistakes:

1 – Improperly Sizing Primary or Secondary Packaging

This may seem simple, but all too often packages are designed without getting the proper input from the experts. The best way to ensure your packaging is properly sized to fit the product is to consult the packaging equipment and materials provider.

2 – Discounting your Inventory Costs

With industrial HP inkjet, you can standardize around a small number of corrugate box sizes.  Simply pre-print the fixed data, and use HP inkjet to add the variable text descriptions, barcodes and graphics.  Spot colors are also available to help vital codes stand out.

3 – Lack of Proper Package Testing

When designing a new product package, be sure it meets expectations. Consult with the equipment and materials provider and develop mock-up samples a proper testing procedure to ensure ideal performance.

4 – Failing to use Bulk Ink Supplies

While industrial HP inkjet is a best practice for product identification and case coding, it behooves the high volume customers to switch from disposable cartridges to bulk ink supplies.  Using 350ml, 800ml or 1-litre ink supplies can reduce your ‘cost per print’ by 60% or more.

5 – Overlooking Shipping Costs

Switching from a corrugate package to a shrink-wrapped package can drastically reduce your product’s overall dimensions, which, in turn, increases the amount of product that can be shipped on each truck. Customers using shrink wrap for secondary packaging have been able to ship up to 25% more product per truck load, effectively reducing their shipping costs.

6 – Forgetting to Go Green

Is your packaging environmentally friendly?  Using industrial HP inkjet’s water-based pigmented inks you can reduce maintenance and handling costs compared to competing print technologies.  Recycling cartridges can also lead to dollar savings for your company.

7 – Skyrocketing Labor Costs

Adding more labor to a packaging line can quickly increase your overhead.  With industrial HP inkjet, you can minimize labor requirements because the technology is so simple and easy to use.  Other print technologies require more intervention to keep the lines running.

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