Post Date: September 19, 2022

HMI Integrations Gain Traction

The Integra Vivid is a powerful, new HMI display that works with single printhead systems like the X1Jet. It’s technology independent, meaning it will work with various coders including HP, Funai, Seiko and more.

With a 7-inch color display, Integra Vivid provides many benefits to the operator of the print system. Integra Vivid integrates with Markoprint and allows for the editing of the printer’s current settings, checking of printer status, and selection of the desired message format

Integra Vivid delivers a 800 x 600 pixel display that’s easy on the eyes. The HMI can be removed during operation and moved to a different Markoprint device using a feature known as ‘hot plugging’. It’s truly a flexible and useful display for most any package coding operation.

As pictured, Integra Vivid can be integrated with the Markoprint coder and then installed on a variety of packaging machinery. Common use cases include using Vivid with a friction feeder, form fill seal machine, label applicator, bag sealer and conveyor system.

To discover more details about Integra Vivid, contact AT INFO by calling (201) 529-0202 x125 or send a message to [email protected].