Post Date: July 6, 2021

Flexible Packaging: Markoprint and the Proliferation of Pouch Packs

Count the number of products you and your family consume that are packaged in small bags or pouches.  This represents one of the hottest growth areas in packaging for a variety of industries and manufacturers.

Pouches are an example of flexible packaging.  They have replaced the need for rigid materials including boxes, tins and cans.  An assortment of pouches are now used in food, beverage, cannabis, nutritional supplements, personal care, and even lawn & garden.

The surge in popularity of bags and pouches is related to the many advantages of using such materials.  Flexible packaging allows for portability, portion control, resealing, and recycling of materials, just to name a few.

PAccordingly, manufacturing operations are tooling up to package their products using flexible packaging.  One critical component is the coding and labeling of those products.  Manufacturers must add lot/batch information, expiry dates, barcodes, and/or graphics to each bag or pouch.  This allows the producer to stay in compliance with regulations and also help protect consumers.

AT Information Products offers integrated feeder solutions that specialize in the high-speed coding of flat pouches and flexible bags.  One of the top solutions is an integrated high-resolution coder with a friction feeder to allow for the printing of fixed and variable data directly on the substrates.  Pouches with resealable zippers can typically be accommodated by using a friction feeder or pick-&-place vacuum system.

By deploying a high-speed feeder coding system, the customer can typically cost-justify its capital spend by comparing labor rates for hand labeling and miscellaneous packaging.  In addition, automation significantly boosts throughput and allows manufacturing to keep up with production requirements.

Visit our range of Integrated Feeder Solutions to learn more.  Better yet, contact us if you would like to see a video of your pouches getting coded at top speeds by our technology.  The AT Information Products team can be reached at (201) 529-0202 ext 125 or [email protected]