Post Date: July 14, 2023

First Compact Vacuum Feeder for Resealable Pouches

The versatile line of Markoprint® industrial coders from AT INFO is widely recognized as the highest-quality print system on the market.  Now – coupled with the RF Lite Pouch vacuum feeder – Markoprint® codes a wide range of flat bags and pouches while significantly boosting productivity.

Innovation in feeding technology sets RF Lite Pouch apart from the competition

Manufacturers need solutions that are flexible, efficient, and cost-effective in order to keep up with the proliferation of flexible packaging materials.  This is exactly what AT INFO enables.

Most feeders use friction to separate a stack of packaging substrates and propel them toward the coder for printing,” said Roger Angrick, President, AT Information Products. “Bags and pouches, however, feed best when utilizing a pick & place mechanism, which is why we developed the latest solution.

Consider the following characteristics of the RF Lite Pouch feeder:

  • Compact bench-top system for the feeding of film pouches
  • Vacuum picking system with belt drive for smooth transportation
  • Solid state control of machine sequencing
  • Top loading hopper to maintain high throughput.
  • Outfeed catcher tray for printed pouches

RF Lite Pouch

RF Lite Pouch handles a range of packaging substrates.  The feeder accommodates bags that are 3-inches tall by 3-inches wide (minimum), to 10-inches tall X 6-inches wide (maximum).  A large percentage of pouches are linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE) because it is FDA approved and is safe for direct contact with edible products.

The new feeder accommodates either one or two 1/2-inch tall printers, to create a print area up to 1-inch tall.  Or, the new Integra PP RAZR can be integrated to code 1.34-inch tall messages with one larger printhead.  Markoprint® systems print alphanumeric text, GS1 application identifiers including linear and 2D barcodes, and graphics that help customers comply with stringent regulations.

Where to deploy AT INFO feeding and coding systems

Manufacturers in need of printing high-resolution codes on flat packaging materials are ideal customers for AT INFO integrated systems.  The list of applicable industries is vast but is particularly useful in Food, Cannabis, and Consumer Goods.

See AT INFO feeding & coding solutions in action

Learn more about the RF Lite Pouch feeding & coding system at, or call (201) 529-0202.