Post Date: May 29, 2020

A Powerful Inkjet Printer in the Palm of Your Hand

The Markoprint® X1Jet Pro Handhold is a battery operated, lightweight and compact inkjet printer.  It prints high-resolution text and images in multiple locations without being in a fixed position to the production line. The long-life battery has sufficient power for printing over an extended period of time.  Setting up the device and upload of print images is a simple task via the use of a USB stick.

Mobile marking made easy!  The compact design makes the Markoprint X1JET Pro Handhold lightweight and easy to use for various marking purposes.  The unit is ideal for printing variable codes on plastics, metal, pipes, boxes and more.  Our expanded portfolio of inks for non-porous surfaces includes black, red, green, yellow, white and two shades of blue.

The cartridge technology of the X1JET Pro Handhold has proven its merits a million times over and will ensure on demand, high quality, high resolution printing up to 12.5 mm. The Smart Card system detects the inserted cartridge, ink and filling level automatically and sets the ideal parameters. No more manual adjusting or unexpected loss of production!The printer and its accessories are secured neatly in a durable case. Included in delivery:  battery, charger, USB stick, instructions, and iDesign software.  To see the system in action view our latest video: