Hello from Pack Expo Connects.  We're disappointed the video technology did not function as planned, but that should not stop us from sharing important information that could help your business.  The narrative and video examples below are representative of what we had planned to share in a live environment.

We appreciate your interest to learn more about our Markoprint industrial inkjet inks & printers to identify and code products, unit packages, and outer shipping cartons. Below you will see the versatility of Markoprint.  We call Markoprint the Swiss army knife of package coding, because you can literally mount a coder on any packaging machinery in order to mark and code your product.

One of the areas of rapid growth for AT Information Products is Integrated Feeder Solutions.  Markoprint technology can efficiently code flat packaging, including cartons, sleeves, blister cards, plus a wide array of plastic bags & pouches.  Our coders integrate on both Friction Feeders, and Vacuum Pick & Place feeders.

COVID has forced manufacturers and contract packager to change the way they perform certain coding functions, and our Integrated Feeder Solutions are more popular than ever in helping to reduce the manual process of hand labeling and stamping codes with our integrated feeders and coders.

Labels command a substantial market share for product identification in packaging.  Many times, the customer pre-prints the label stock, but then needs to add customization – lot/batch numbers and expiration dates and barcodes– Just-in-time to the labels when the products are actually packaged.  The next video shows the ease of integrating Markoprint on Unwind/Rewind labeling systems and label applicators.

Another mega trend in packaging is flexible packaging.  The market size is estimated to grow to $200 billion over the next 5 years.  AT Information Products has had great success incorporating Markoprint coders with our expanded portfolio of solvent inks to meet manufacturer requirements for traceability codes on flexible packaging of all colors.  Form Fill Seal and Flow Wrappers are prominent in Food packaging and many other industries, and AT Information Products has successfully integrated Markoprint HP on all of them.

Sometimes the customer requires a printhead that spans a larger print area such as in case coding, industrial printing or lumber and sheetrock marking.  AT Information Products is the exclusive provider of the Markoprint Integra PP108 industrial 4.25-inch coding system in North America.  We offer the technology in mono color (black) and in bicolor (red and black), with more colors coming next year.

Finally, we want to offer a program called MAKE YOUR MARKS where will do a runoff of the customer’s substrates so you can see the versatility of Markoprint.  We video the coding so you can see what to expect and how's it is done.

To start a discussion with AT Information Products please leave a message on our website, or call us at (201) 529-0202.  We appreciate your flexibility and look forward to working with you soon!