High-speed feeding systems

High-speed feeding systems go hand-in-hand with Markoprint to allow for the coding of various packaging materials.  Now with AT Info and our valued distributors, customers can source friction feeders or fully integrated feeding / coding systems to help solve their production challenges.  Our packaging feeders are the highest quality on the market, which means peace of mind for the customer.  All systems feed items reliably and consistently across different thicknesses.  Feeder comparison

Friction Feeding

Low-cost, dependable friction feeders can handle a variety of different applications.  These are intended for products used in various industries including Consumer Goods, Foods, Pharmaceutical, Medical, Cosmetics, Cannabis and more.

The RF Lite is a simple, affordable offline coding system.  It’s geared toward applications where companies seek to automate their date marking process for the first time. It also suits larger operators who are looking to install dedicated coding / marking systems on multiple production lines.

The RF Auto is a heavy duty, high speed sleeve feeder which also handles cartons, leaflets and bags.  Due to its patented auto gating technology, the RF Auto automatically adjusts to accommodate varying thicknesses of product leading to reduced set up time and waste.  Simple controls and the use of quick set hopper guides keep downtime to a minimum.

RF1 is the most versatile model in our lineup of friction feeders.  It’s capable of handling a wide range of packaging in its flat form, most notably thin items such as blister cardsmedical pouches and Tyvek® lidding material.  RF1 is  an ideal standalone coding, marking or labeling system when fitted with a Markoprint printer.

Vacuum Feeding

RF Pouch is the ideal solution for the automatic feeding, printing and/or labeling of resealable pouches, polybags and asymmetric products.  Using vacuum feeders (pick and place), the RF Pouch can transport a wide range of pouches and other flexible packaging. The system picks a product from a stack, places it onto a conveyor for printing and/or labeling before transferring the marked pack neatly onto another stack, ready for collection.

Whether you need a printer to produce simple date or batch codes directly on to your packaging, or an entire system to comply with product trace-ability coding, AT Info has got you covered.  We integrate the Markoprint inkjet coders with a full line of versatile feeding systems to process flat cards and plastic pouches for a wide range of industries.  Be sure to take a look at what we have to offer.


Testing and installation are a cornerstone of our business.  During the investigation process, AT Info will run the customers substrates through the proposed feeding / coding system to demonstrate what’s possible.  This testing is shared with the customer via online video, and the printed substrates are returned to the customer.

When it’s time to install the system at the customer’s facility, training is available to help the customer feel comfortable with the new processes.  Both the feeding system and the print system come with a user manual.  Our goal is to implement simple, reliable systems so the customer isn’t burdened with additional complexity in their packaging operation.