Post Date: September 10, 2020

Upgrading the Printed Codes on Plastic

In the past, when you needed to code directly onto plastic water jugs the choices were limited. You could use Continuous Inkjet (CIJ), but the inks were noxious and the spills required constant cleanup and equipment repairs. In addition, the print quality from CIJ coders is low resolution which limits the use of the technology for low value products.

For manufacturers like Hoyer, each individual product is coded with a batch number and the date of expiry. This customer replaced its legacy print technology in favor of a Markoprint® high-resolution inkjet system. They use a solvent-based black ink to achieve excellent adhesion and drying properties on their water jugs.

The small Markoprint® system includes an X1Jet printhead and control unit all-in-one. After creating the codes in iDesign - a WYSIWYG program offered with the X1Jet - the messages are sent directly to the coder. Print information, fonts and logos are easily created at the PC and transferred via different interfaces (USB, Ethernet, WiFi).

To see how Markoprint® looks on various substrates, see the video or call us at (201) 529-0202 for a custom demonstration.

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Please make print samples of Markoprint® codes on plastic substrates, then send them to me.




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