Post Date: September 30, 2023

HP picks Markoprint® for its own Package Coding

ATIP’s HP TIJ-based coding systems fit seamlessly into HP’s production lines in five countries, delivering production efficiencies over 20 years.


At HP production lines, each piece of packaging requires product identification, such as product information, barcodes, expiration dates, and country of origin. The print quality and precision on HP’s packaging must match the quality of the HP product inside. Uptime was the biggest challenge for HP with piezo systems before using ATIP’s HP TIJ based coding systems. Coding and marking systems must be reliable with minimal downtime, fast, efficient, cost effective, and be fully integrated into a streamlined production line capable of 24/7 operation.


X1Jet MK3 on 1up packagesHP integrated its own TIJ capability into its production lines. HP SPTS partner ATIP’s Markoprint Integra Quadro2 prints text and barcodes onto corrugated boxes, while the Markoprint X1Jet adds expiration dates onto HP’s single cartridge chipboard cartons. HP aqueous ink is applied to the porous boxes and HP 2580 or HP 2590 solvent ink to the non-porous cartons.


Five HP production hubs - US, Singapore, Ireland, Germany and Puerto Rico - with ATIP coding systems based on HP TIJ technology are enjoying high uptime and low maintenance with fast, high-quality direct coding onto thousands of product packages, daily. Print speeds of up to 90 meters per minute and resolutions of up to 600 dpi ensure HP packaging quality, ease of integration and minimal downtime while accelerating ROI. Direct coding on packaging saves label costs, reduces waste and increases sustainability.

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