Post Date: July 16, 2020

Coding of Wire and Cable Extrusion

AT INFO enables the coding of small, alphanumeric text on wire, cable, pipes & tubes. To make it happen, customers leverage our Markoprint® high-resolution coding technology based on HP INKJET TECHNOLOGY. Specialty inks like HP 2580 Black Solvent are ideal for non-porous surfaces found in Building Materials. We also offer the solvent inks in red, blue, light blue, yellow, green and white.

In addition to print resolution, Markoprint® coders are highly reliable so customers minimize expensive downtime, rework and scrap. The systems achieve high production speeds and have the ability to make on-the-fly message changes without stopping the production line / extrusion process. Common types of codes printed include: expiration dates, lot/batch numbers, linear & 2D barcodes, logos & graphics, and more.

To see if Markoprint® can print on your wire/cable / pipes/tubes, contact AT INFO at (201) 529-0202 or message us here.