AT Information Products offers a unique line of pallet wrapping robots. The units are labor time savers, and successfully solve most requirements for wrapping palletized and not-palletized loads thanks to its innovative high-technology and patented technology.

Our self-moving robots were created to wrap loads of different weights and sizes. The compact overall dimensions and reduced weight allow for easy handling. The stretch wrappers operate within 75 cm around the pallet thanks to an electric maneuvering system and complex rotation system using a touch wheel.

We offer several different stretch wrappers depending on the customer’s requirements. From the more manual Hercules model for low-volume wrapping, to the Leonardo for up to 100 loads per day (on same battery), AT Info has a solution for you. And don’t forget about the Cosmo model for odd shapes and sizes of palletized products.

The premier stretch wrapper is Leonardo. It’s equipped with a telescopic mast that reaches up to 2350mm in height , including a 100% power stretch system fitted as standard. This feature provides a high-quality pallet-wrap and real savings on stretch film in quality and quantity. It’s possible to further adjust the film tension through a potentiometer.

Consider the other compelling features and benefits associated with Leonardo: (1) ICROPROCESSOR LOGIC BOARD with 6 different pre-programmable memorized settings, (2) Pallet-height automatically detected by a photocell or predetermined on control panel, (3) Emergency stop push-button, (4) Safety device for automatic stop, and (5) Sound and light working signal.