RF Pouch

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Using vacuum (pick and place) technology, the RF Pouch can transport a wide range of pouches and other flexible packaging. The system picks a product from a stack, places it onto a conveyor for printing and/or labeling before transferring the marked pack neatly onto another stack, ready for collection. Continuous operation of the feeder gives very high throughput rates at deceptively low machine speeds.

Technical Specs:

System dimensions (L x W x H) Machine 1285 x 595 x 475mm (Catcher 420 and refill system 530mm)
Material dimensions min. 60 x 60mm, max. 350 x 350mm
Material thickness min. 30 microns (polythene bag), max. 2mm (dependant on weight)

This data refers to the basic unit without the integration of a printing/labelling system.