X1Jet Stitch

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The X1Jet Stitch is an independently operating print system based on HP technology.  Its slim, space-saving profile allows installation of multiple printers in environments where space is severely limited.   The X1JET Stitch is targeted for a range of different applications in the Food & Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Building Materials and other industries.

The simple and intuitive 3-button operations with LED indicator lamps secure a user-friendly system control.  Up to nine layouts can be selected and printed.  Optional external photo eye sensor.

Features of the X1JET Stitch:

  • High quality shaped and anodized aluminum housing
  • Patented cartridge mounting “click and print”
  • Electronics located behind the cartridge
  • Variable controlled by interface
  • Simple layout – and parameter transfer via USB stick
  • Stack-ability for multi-use applications
  • Ideal for confined installation conditions

Key performance specifications:

  • Max print speed – 90 m/mm
  • Max print height – 12.5 mm
  • Max resolution – 50 to 900 dpi (horizontal)
  • Max resolution – 300 to 900 dpi (vertical)

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