• Description
    • Pallet wrapping robot.  This self-moving robot, conceived to wrap loads of different weight and size anyplace, has compact overall dimensions and reduced weight in order to be handled easily.  It can work in only 75 cm around the pallet to be wrapped thanks to an ELECTRIC MANOEUVRING SYSTEM PAT and a complex  ROTATION SYSTEM around the pallet.  Thanks to a TOUCHING WHEELER it can work in a small working area that is smaller than the other pallet-wrapping robots.
    • Specifications
      • MICROPROCESSOR LOGIC BOARD PAT with 6 different pre-programmable memorized settings
      • Number of bottom/middle/top wraps set up on control panel
      • Pallet-height automatically detected by a photocell or predetermined on control panel
      • EMERGENCY-STOP push-button
      • Safety device for automatic stop
      • Sound and light working signal
      • Works with 20″ long stretch film with variable thicknesses
      • The machine works with standard stretch-film rolls (thickness 19-40 , width 500 mm)



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