AT Information Products (ATIP) offers its line of industrial inkjet coders for printing text, barcodes and graphics on boxes, cartons, cases, pouches and cards. Our systems feature Hewlett Packard (HP) thermal inkjet technology, 600 dpi high resolution print, WYSIWYG print software and eco-friendly water based inks. Think ATIP for all your coding, dating, printing, marking, stamping, imprinting, decorating, digital printing & labeling needs.

ATIP’s MARKOPRINT® industrial inkjet coding line includes the X1Jet HP, X1Jet Premium, X1Jet Stitch, X1Jet Hand Held, X1Jet LX, X1Jet MX, X2Jet, X4Jet, iJet, XB4, and XB8. HP and Lexmark Funai printheads come in 1/2-inch increments, whereas the Trident printeads are 4-inches with no stitching. MARKOPRINT® systems are ideal for integration on existing packaging machinery, including but not limited to high speed feeders, form-fill-seal machines, baggers, egg packers, and web systems. If you’re looking for the best-value industrial inkjet coding system for your operation, consider MARKOPRINT® for the job.

ATIP’s AUTOPRINT® industrial inkjet coding line includes modular printers with 1,3,4,6 or 8 print heads. They can and be configured to print small character or large character messages up to 4-inches high and 40 inches long including date codes, batch codes, bar codes, and use by dates. Our AUTOPRINT® products are widely regarded as the best Thermal Inkjet printer for serialization and counting applications. New four and eight printhead models print product and SKU descriptions, barcoding and graphics. Various models and configurations are available for in-line, off-line and table top applications.

When evaluating industrial inkjet coding systems for your operation, be sure to consider the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO): equipment capital costs, maintenance, spare parts, downtime, ink or other consumable supplies, and the labor to keep it all working seamlessly. When it’s all said and done, the MARKOPRINT® and AUTOPRINT® solutions compare favorably for TCO.

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