AT Information Products (ATIP) offers its line of industrial inkjet inks for printing text, barcodes and graphics on boxes, cartons, cases, pouches and cards. Our printers use HP ink cartridges or bulk ink delivery systems to increase efficiency and reduce industrial printing cost. All ATIP systems are sustainable GREEN SOLUTIONS for printing and identifying unit boxes and corrugated shipping cartons. These systems feature reliable TIJ printers, automatic bulk ink delivery systems, recyclable cartridges and clean water-based inks. This green direct printing process eliminates the use of costly, messy petroleum based chemicals and films or expensive paper labels. Compare our inkjet with the competition and you’ll quickly see the difference in our bar coding and marking capabilities.

See our new and expanded line of solvent-based inks such as HP 2580 which are intended for printing on non-porous packaging surfaces including foils, films, hard plastic, glossy boxes, wood and much more. HP 45si is the latest HP print cartridge specifically used for jetting solvent inks. These inks are generally larger in size (picolitres) and therefore can be printed up to 5mm away from the packaging substrate. This longer ‘throw distance’ is significant when you have odd sized packaging like plastic bags used in food packaging.

In the past few years, ATIP’s portfolio of solvent-based industrial inkjet inks has grown to include black, red, white, blue, yellow and green. And while these all come in disposable (approx. 40 ml) cartridges, bulk solvent ink products are coming soon. Think of all the new applications now possible for ATIP MARKOPRINT® and AUTOPRINT® industrial inkjet coders such as dark non-porous packaging materials, which were previously off limits for HP thermal inkjet.

When concerned about the cost of ink, consider the various alternatives for bulk ink supplies. Sizes range from 350 ml to 1 litre, and some models can be switched out (hot swapped) without shutting down the coding process.

Click here to view our full portfolio of disposable cartridges and bulk ink supplies for industrial coding applications.