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AT Information Products has been providing high performance inkjet printing solutions for package coding applications for more than forty years. Manufacturers don't have to settle on messy, stinky, unhealthy CIJ to print on packaging surfaces.  You demand technology that's better for your employees, your facilities, and the environment are going with HP TIJ.  HP itself choses AUTOPRINT for their own coding lines. Learn More

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Print on non-porous packaging substrates with our water and solvent based industrial coding inks.
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Whether you are looking to upgrade to stretch wrapping robot with a telescopic mast that wraps pallets up to 2.3 meters tall or researching handheld coders that print seamlessly on boxes and other packaging with HP inks or are in the market for Hi-res digital printing of expiration dates on plastic, pulp and poly styrene cartons or are looking to see the distinct advantages of Thermal Inkjet coders in terms of capital costs, spare parts, labor, and maintenance, we have videos that will help in your decision making process.

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Tessemaes saves 60% with AT Info thermal inkjet coding solutions
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Markoprint on MULTIVAC

Markoprint industrial inkjet coders easily print variable data on plastic rolls using HP solvent based ink products. High-resolution marks and codes are printed continuously or intermittently per requirements. The X1Jet and X2Jet with twin printheads are ideal matches for most Multivac packaging machines.

Large Character Case Coding

See Markoprint X2Jet with AIMS bulk ink management system printing on corrugate cases. Using an 800ml bulk ink supply customers drastically reduce their cost per print. Add the lowered Cost-per-Code to the already powerful Value Proposition for Thermal Inkjet. Markoprint offers print quality up to 600 dpi, ease of use, high reliability, and safe inks More…

Markoprint Integration on Label Rewinders

Markoprint industrial inkjet coders are compact and versatile. They easily integrate onto Label Rewinders and many other types of packaging machinery. With our industrial mounts you can install and print within 5 minutes. Print expiration dates, lot/batch numbers and barcodes at your desired print quality (up to 600 dpi). With HP solvent inks you can More…